Delia Asquel Arias

​MA - LM​FT# 104486

Raíces de Resiliencia

Psicoterapia Somática Bilingüe

“When we heal our own trauma, individually and collectively, we don’t just heal our bodies.

By refusing to ​pass on the trauma we inherited,

we help heal the world.”

- Resmaa Menakem.

Individual Therapy

Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Changing Careers

Workplace Issues

Breaking up with a partner

BIPOC: Microagressions in the workplace

Race Based Trauma

​Impact of Oppression and Marginalization

Children, Youth, Families

​Childhood, Adult and Intergenerational Trauma

Family Reunification

Individuating from One's Family

Cultural, Gender, and racial Identity

The Inmigrant Experience


Consultation for parenting skills

Spanish Speaking Couples 

Same-sex, lesbian and queer couples

Opposite-sex couples 

Biracial/interracial couples


Unhealthy Expression of Anger

Unmet emotional needs


Immigration status that affect your romantic relationship

(Stress,grief, lack of family support,acculturation issues)